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Vantage Point by Aspiro

At Vantage Point, we offer a more focused method of treatment than standard wilderness therapy programs.  Our wilderness therapy program addresses the behavioral, cognitive, and relationship challenges that often present with learning disabilities and autism level one.  These challenges include academic difficulties, cognitive rigidity, limited friendships, parent-child conflict, poor organizational skills, technology and gaming overuse, impulsivity,  verbal aggression, and unhealthy hygiene or eating habits.


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Adolescence and young adulthood is a difficult time for even the most highly functioning person. Vantage Point by Aspiro is designed for individuals who face additional challenges as they grapple with a wide range of emotional, learning, neurodevelopmental, psychological and behavioral difficulties.

Every child’s struggle is unique

Some struggles require a more focused method of treatment than what standard wilderness therapy programs provide. At Vantage Point, we offer a more comprehensive opportunity for assessment and treatment for students with learning differences. Vantage Point also employs Aspiro’s research-based model to exemplify healthy relationships, increase self-esteem, and foster a sense of autonomy through skill enhancement.


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Wilderness Therapy for Teens with Social Differences, Attention Deficits and Learning Disabilities

Much of the success of the Vantage Point’s wilderness therapy program is attributed to processing certain things “in the moment,” otherwise known as “In Vivo” therapy. The “In Vivo” method allows students to learn through experience.  Our approach to daily living and activities is intentionally slowed down, allowing students enough time to process what they are being asked to do and setting them up for more successful outcomes.  In addition, the opportunity to expose these students to many different novel environments enables the treatment team to provide a more functional assessment of clinical needs and learning disabilities, which allows the program to target specific areas of skill development.

The Vantage Point wilderness therapy program is designed to help students who struggle with:

Neurodevelopmental disorders | Learning disabilities | Processing issues | ADD|ADHD | Social deficits | Executive function deficits | Aspergers | Autism Spectrum Disorder

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