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Aspiro is the pioneer of Wilderness Adventure Therapy offering short-term, intermediate treatment options for teenagers and young adults. Our intensive outdoor treatment program is residential in nature providing multidisciplinary treatment solutions that are safe, effective, and clinically sophisticated.

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Outback provides an innovative and effective therapeutic experience for teens in crisis. We believe teens and families deserve the best clinical treatment and support available. Outback is highly recommended by therapists, doctors, and educational professionals nationwide and our program has been featured on the critically acclaimed “Dr. Phil” show. At Outback, our students truly get to the heart of who they are, gain valuable life skills, and learn to make healthy choices – moving forward toward long-term success.

Daniels Academy is designed for students who have struggles in academic or social settings due to learning differences. Daniels Academy combines a nurturing residential environment with an interactive project-based academic program supported by specialized therapy for students and their families. These differences are most commonly labeled:
ASD / Nonverbal Learning Disorder / Aspergers Syndrome / Attention Disorders / Anxiety Disorders / Pervasive Developmental
Disorders (PDD or PDD NOS)

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Black Mountain Academy is designed for personal growth and skill-building for adolescents boys in 9th-12th grade. 
A small boarding school for boys that feels like home and is specifically designed to support the individualized needs of students with learning differences and social and executive function deficits. We teach our students transferable skills in the areas of emotional regulation, executive function, and daily living with a dynamic,comprehensive approach that enriches the learning experience.