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The Vantage Point by Aspiro Team

Aspiro is dedicated to providing a high level of care to all of our clients. We want you to feel confident that your child is safe and receiving the very best opportunity for change. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team is made up of compassionate and experienced professionals that share a focus of attaining positive outcomes. Please take some time to meet our team members below.

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  • Jamie Kaczmarek, LCSW
    Jamie Kaczmarek, LCSW
    Vantage Point Males/Females, Ages 13-17
  • Caitlin Galt, LCMHC
    Caitlin Galt, LCMHC
    Vantage Point Males/Females, Ages 18-26
  • Hannah Eckert, CSW
    Hannah Eckert, CSW
    Vantage Point Females, Ages 13-26
  • Carl Smoot, PhD
    Carl Smoot, PhD
    Assoc. Clinical Director Research & Program Evaluation
  • Dr. Nathan Barusch
    Dr. Nathan Barusch
  • Leah Shingler
    Leah Shingler
    Admissions Counselor
  • Ally Jackson
    Ally Jackson
    Admissions Counselor
  • David Mayeski, LCSW
    David Mayeski, LCSW
    Family Services Director
  • Kate Crowell
    Kate Crowell
    Family Services Coordinator
  • Whitney Fox
    Whitney Fox
    Administrative Assistant
  • Mark Widmer, PhD
    Mark Widmer, PhD
    Independent Research Director
  • Adam Balls, MD
    Adam Balls, MD
    Medical Director
  • Lizzie Madloch
    Lizzie Madloch
    Medical Coordinator
  • Nick Pelleteiri
    Nick Pelleteiri
    Associate Program Director
  • Trevor Ahlquist
    Trevor Ahlquist
    Associate Operations Manager
  • Kip Swem
    Kip Swem
    Associate Field Director
  • Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT
    Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT
  • Katie Thoma
    Katie Thoma
  • Josh Watson, LCSW
    Josh Watson, LCSW
  • Kayleen Richter, PHR
    Kayleen Richter, PHR
    HR Director
  • Audrey Stewart
    Audrey Stewart
    Digital Marketing Specialist