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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will you keep my child safe in the wilderness?
    Your child’s safety is our overwhelming priority. All staff are CPR and First Aid trained, and we hire only qualified, professional wilderness adventure therapy field guides who have passed background checks and have demonstrated the ability to fulfill their job requirements with integrity. Many of our staff are Wilderness First Responder trained, as well as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

    Vantage Point by Aspiro also works closely with local nurses and doctors to provide the best level of care available; students receive regular physical exams by an EMT or an RN to ensure proper hygiene, diet and overall health.

    We are constantly training our staff on emergency preparedness and how to deal with every imaginable scenario. We have detailed emergency plans in place, including coverage at all times by life-flight helicopters, and your child will be outfitted appropriately for seasonal environmental elements.
  • How will my child be outfitted for the wilderness?
    We will provide all necessary gear, clothing, and equipment for your child throughout their wilderness adventure therapy experience with Vantage Point by Aspiro. Equipment is inspected prior to every excursion, and professionally maintained in between adventures.
  • How are staff kept knowledgeable and informed while in the field?
    All Vantage Point by Aspiro staff receive intensive training when they are initially hired. They then receive additional weekly trainings specific to the wilderness adventure therapy excursion they will be leading. Staff also participant in continuous protocol updates and refreshers. All staff are required to recertify in CPR and first aid annually.
  • Will my child be at risk from other troubled teens or young adults in Vantage Point by Aspiro?
    Adolescents and young adults who would present safety issues for themselves or other students in an outdoor program are not admitted. Our students come to us because they are having some difficulties with the important transitions of adolescence and young adulthood. We believe in an environment of openness and acceptance; students are often fast friends by the end of the wilderness adventure therapy program.
  • How will you maintain a balanced diet for my child while they are engaged in wilderness adventure therapy?
    While on an excursion, Vantage Point by Aspiro students will carry enough food for 3000 calories per day. In addition to planned meals with balanced proteins, vegetables, and grains, your child will have a variety of snacks. These menu selections are rotated each excursion so that your child is not eating the same foods day after day.
  • Can I contact my child while they are enrolled in wilderness adventure therapy?
    You will be able to exchange letters with your child from the very beginning. Letters are received and sent weekly. When therapeutically indicated, you will also be able to have weekly phone calls with your child.

    Additionally, parents are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in a Vantage Point by Aspiro family workshop while their child is enrolled in the program. The workshop usually lasts two to three days, depending on logistical variables.
  • What is the recommended length of treatment?
    Based on the sequencing of the program, the length of stay at Vantage Point by Aspiro averages between 8-12 weeks. Because treatment at Vantage Point is individualized, the actual length of stay can vary and might be more or less than 8-12 weeks. In these situations, please speak with the admissions director.
  • How Much Does Wilderness Adventure Therapy Cost?
    Please contact [email protected], or (801) 349-2740, ext.1, to speak to us. The cost of any psychological or other evaluations is billed separately from wilderness adventure therapy program tuition. These evaluations will only be conducted at your request and the cost of any evaluations will be discussed before proceeding.