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Vantage Point Aspiro is just one of our world-class programs. Pure Life Adventure, Aspiro Adventure, Daniels Academy, and Outback Therapeutic Expeditions are specific, intentional programs that were created to help a very unique type of individual.

Pure Life Adventurepurelife_green

The professionals at Pure Life Aspiro Adventure understand that the transition between adolescence and adulthood can be hard. Pure Life’s Wilderness Adventure Therapy program was uniquely crafted to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for young adults to develop a higher level of intrinsic motivation, coping skills, and core identity that increases their ability to thrive. Pure Life Aspiro helps all of these young adults by providing a strengths-focused, integrated therapeutic model with an emphasis on individual and group therapy; social skills and leadership training; life planning; and vocational development. Through cultural immersion, community service, and adventure based activities, our students develop the skills and experiences necessary to get them through this transition so they can thrive and flourish on their own. Click here to learn more about Pure Life Adventure

Aspiro Adventureaspiro_logo_new

Our Aspiro Adventure program is clinically designed to treat emotional and behavioral challenges. Utilizing an integrated assessment and treatment model, a formal individualized treatment plan, which includes the family system, is developed for each individual. Aspiro Adventure actually has two programs: one for ages 13-17, and a second for ages 18-28, both of whom may struggle with co-occurring emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Learn more about Aspiro Adventure

Daniels Academydaniels-academy-logo-final_plain

Daniels Academy is designed for students who have struggles in academic or social settings due to learning differences. Daniels Academy combines a nurturing residential environment with an interactive project based academic program supported by specialized therapy for students and their families. These differences are most commonly labeled:
  • ASD
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder
  • Aspergers Syndrome
  • Attention Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD or PDD NOS)
Learn more about Daniels Academy

Outback Therapeutic ExpeditionsLogo

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions provides an innovative and effective therapeutic experience for teens in crisis. We believe teens and families deserve the best clinical treatment and support available. Outback is highly recommended by therapists, doctors, and educational professionals nationwide and our program has been featured on the critically acclaimed “Dr. Phil” show. At Outback, our students truly get to the heart of who they are, gain valuable life skills, and learn to make healthy choices – moving forward toward long-term success. Learn more about Outback Therapeutic Expeditions