13 Signs Your Teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder Needs Additional Help

You are currently viewing 13 Signs Your Teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder Needs Additional Help

Living with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as ASD can make life as an adolescent overwhelmingly stressful. Much of this stress is the result of not functioning within traditional, or normal, social environments. If your teen with ASD struggles with one or more of these 13 issues, it may be time to seek additional help.

  1. Bad hygiene habits
  2. Unhealthy eating habits
  3. Excessive video game or electronic use
  4. Impulsivity
  5. Verbal aggression
  6. Parent-child conflict
  7. Academic difficult
  8. Limited or no true friendships
  9. Poor organizational skills
  10. Cognitive Rigidity
  11. Socially withdrawing
  12. Avoidance of challenging situations
  13. Sustained or periodic patterns of depression


When struggling with any one or more of these indicators, teens often become overwhelmed with stress and are subject to being high risk for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Unfortunately, some teens deal with this stress in other and more sever unhealthy ways. It is important to help all teens on the autism spectrum to learn healthy and effective coping skills, so that they can live healthy lives and experiencing more success in traditional school and social settings. Additional help is available to reinforce or teach appropriate social skills, emotional regulation, executive functioning, and daily living skills.

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