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ADHD in Teens: When to Seek Treatment


It is common for ADHD to worsen during adolescence as their hormones are shifting. Already difficult children become increasingly difficult as adolescence emerges. Even when parents lay all of the right strategies in place within the home and at school, they may still see their teen struggle. In some circumstances, medication and family support is not enough.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or defeated by the lack of progress in your teen, it may be time to seek external treatment. Some individuals require more intensive treatment to find safety lasting change.If your teen displays any of the following 7 behaviors, it may be time to seek external treatment:

-Substance abuse
-Refuses to take medication
-Reckless driving
-Aggressive behavior

If your teen displays any of the above behaviors, the time to act is now. The emotions and symptoms related to ADHD can be very intense and can lead to risky behavior. You do not want to put the safety of your teen or the safety of others at risk. There are effective and research-based treatment options for teens with ADHD that can help in ways that parents cannot. Many parents turn to wilderness therapy to help their teen with ADHD manage their ADHD and to find lasting change.

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