How Wilderness Adventure Therapy Can Help Teens with Anxiety

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Teens who struggle with anxiety find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to control their worries and anxiety and need professional treatment to help them develop and practice effective coping mechanisms. If your teen exhibits excessive anxiety and worry occurring more days than not for at least 6 months, about a number of things— such as social activities or school performance— it may be time to seek external help.

A credible wilderness adventure therapy program can provide teens with highly effective treatment that helps anxious individuals learn how to control their anxiety so the anxiety doesn’t control them. Wilderness adventure therapy accomplishes this through a combination of therapy and adventure activities that promote healthy coping patterns, healthy life balance, confidence, and clarity about their anxiety disorder.

Though it can be hard to let your teen go and receive the treatment they need, it’s important for all parents to remember that the help and answers you seek for your teen with anxiety demonstrates the love you have for your teen and your commitment to help your family get healthy. Helping your teen get the treatment he or she needs can help a person feel like himself or herself again.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy Provides Teens with Anxiety with Healthy Coping Mechanisms

A credible wilderness adventure therapy program will work with the teen to create a plan to help them get relief when anxiety strikes. Through a combination of therapy and adventure activities, the teen learns new ways to think and act in situations that can cause anxiety, and to manage and deal with stress. The variety of adventure activities provide increased opportunities to practice new skills. The more coping skills are practiced in a variety of challenging environment, the more likely they are to be successfully applied with the various settings and challenges of everyday life. Along the way, the therapist provides support and guidance and teaches new coping skills, such as relaxation techniques or breathing exercises.

A big part of how a credible wilderness adventure therapy program will achieve this is through processing an experience with the individual in vivo, or in the moment. This allows teens to have the opportunity to experience successes, identify obstacles, and take responsibility for their actions. For teens with anxiety, this can also help generalize their coping skills and reduce their worries in the social world.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy Provides Teens with Anxiety with Clarity and Peace

For teens with anxiety, finding out what’s causing the anxiety can be a great relief. A credible wilderness adventure therapy program will get the bottom of the issue with your teen and help them work through the issues that are currently holding them back.

Beyond working through individualized issues, it can be very reassuring for these individuals to find that there are underlying themes and patterns that are common across all anxious teens. Adolescents in a wilderness adventure therapy not only work with experienced therapists, they also get to interact with others who share similar struggles. This provides a great feeling of belonging and acceptance that many teens with anxiety struggle to find in traditional social or academic atmospheres.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy Promotes Health and Balance for Teens with Anxiety

A credible wilderness adventure therapy program provides regular opportunities for their students to get regular exercise, get good nutrition, and healthy sleep. These provide anxious teens the right fuel and time to recharge their minds and bodies. Teens who suffers from GAD should be encouraged to set a regular schedule that can help them find a better balance in their life. Oftentimes, teens who have GAD have lived with their anxiety for such a long time they may not recognize a life without constant worrying and activity. Helping the individual realize that life doesn’t have to boring just because one isn’t always worrying or doing things may also help.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy Promotes Self-Confidence in Teens with Anxiety

Wilderness adventure therapy utilizes “in the moment” or experiential therapy, so anxious students can see, feel, and touch what they are doing. One of the main purposes of experiential therapy is to teach an individuals that they can do things that they never even thought possible. This stands in contrast to traditional “talk therapy” where an individual talks through issues in a therapist’s office.

Wilderness adventure therapy allows teens with anxiety to feel and experience success in all different types of situations and environments. Wilderness adventure therapy programs provide students with new experiences gives them a tremendous sense of success and aids in building self-confidence. From rock climbing to repelling, teens in wilderness adventure therapy programs often do things they never thought they could do. In turn, these individuals will be more confident and hopeful individuals who learn that they can conquer even the toughest of circumstances.


Most teens feel anxious and worried from time to time when faced with certain situations such as taking an exam, speaking in public, or attending a big social event. In fact, a certain level of anxiety can help teens feel alert and focused. However for some teens, anxiety can become excessive and inhibits them in making progress both academically and socially. While some teens with anxiety may realize their anxiety is excessive, they may still have difficulty controlling it. These teens rely on their parents to direct and provide them with the help and treatment they need. A credible wilderness adventure therapy as treatment can provide teens with anxiety with the specialized and professional help these individuals need to be happy, healthy, and calm once again.

Anxiety disorders are considered the most treatable mental health condition in teens, and early intervention can prevent a lifetime of suffering and pave the way for child’s success and happiness.