How You Can Support Your Teen with ADHD Through Wilderness Therapy

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Many parents have a difficult time transitioning to admitting their teen to wilderness therapy. Parents may feel they failed their child or that they are not a good parent. Any parent with those feelings must remember they are doing the absolute best thing for their teen by providing them with the help they need. The right wilderness therapy program will provide your teen with the tools they need to excel in daily life. More severe cases require more intense treatment.

Even while being away from their teen, parents can still support their son or daughter through treatment. Simply enrolling your teen is supporting them. Send letters to your son or daughter and encourage other family members to do so. Continually educating yourself about ADHD and what your teen is up to on a daily basis is another great way to get involved. Attend the wilderness therapy program-provided parent seminars, family therapy, and review parent resources.

While wilderness therapy is a short-term plan, keep in mind that your son or daughter will be returning home and will need your support. Your teen will need your help transitioning back home as this transition can be difficult. To help ease the transition, work with your child’s outpatient therapist and communicate with the program staff as needed. Keeping in contact with your teen and their therapists throughout their treatment will greatly help with your teen’s transition back into life at home.