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Audrey started at Aspiro in 2014 as a field guide. After working in the field, Audrey transitioned into the Logistics department where she primarily facilitated student intakes and departures. After several years, Audrey was promoted to Logistics Manager and joined the Senior Management team. Most recently Audrey has moved over to the Admissions team where she currently works as an Admissions Coordinator. Throughout her time at Aspiro, Audrey has worked in many roles but has always maintained her passion for helping students and their families. Audrey’s educational background includes a degree in Child, Adult, and Human Services from Iowa State University in addition to a Paramedic Specialist Certificate. She previously worked in a pediatric emergency room and brings her medical background with her to work every day. She is committed to being a life long learner and is currently working towards a marketing certificate. Her love for the outdoors and desire to help others has never waned and she believes strongly in the healing properties of the wilderness and of high adventure activities like mountain biking, skiing, and rock climbing, which she pursues in her own time.