What We Do

Short Term Clinical Wilderness Therapy & Assessment

Clinical Treatment in a Wilderness Therapy Setting

Vantage Point is a short term clinical wilderness therapy and assessment program based in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. It is focused on skill enhancement through a multi-modal approach that integrates comprehensive assessment, individualized treatment, family integration and adventure based therapeutic experiences. At all times, whether on an adventure or in our base camp, participants are supervised by a team of experienced professionals who keep them safe in a compassionate, supportive and therapeutic environment. Our students benefit from facing challenges and experiencing success in a high adventure therapy model, leading to an increased level of self-efficacy.

Vantage Point students experience remarkable, positive change as they are inspired by nature and the process of personal growth.

Therapy for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Among Others​

Accurate assessment and understanding of the whole child, combined with specific skill building and self efficacy, are essential to overcoming learning and neurodevelopmental issues (eg. ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder).

We Provide continuous assessment & customized treatment

  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment on-site and in the community
  • Individualized training in social, emotional, behavioral, communication, and academic skills
  • Confidence, motivation, and self efficacy learned through safe and challenging wilderness therapy adventure experiences
  • Treatment goals are updated on a weekly basis
  • Regular and consistent communication with parents and referring professionals
  • Ongoing functional assessment of each student results in integrated recommendations for further treatment
  • Our wilderness therapy expeditions inspire self-discovery while focusing on connection with family and character development through challenge and adventure
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