The Opportunity to Earn High School Credits

Many Vantage Point students have been diagnosed with a learning disability that has contributed to their academic struggles. Vantage Point students have the opportunity to continue their education while in wilderness therapy treatment. In addition, the academic work our students do helps us in our overall functional assessment by allowing our treatment team to further understand and observe how the students learn, process information, and organize their tasks, particularly in those students who do have a learning disability, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Through a combination of written work, continuous wilderness therapy field trips, and experiential education, Vantage Point provides students the opportunity to earn high school credits. Most students earn on average 1.75 credits during a 54-day stay. Students spend time nearly every day completing written work and reading assignments

Tailored to Students with a Learning Disability, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Skillfully-trained staff also take the students through a series of wilderness therapy field trips and activities where students “experience” learning firsthand. This experiential learning provides students the ability to operate and process certain things “in the moment,” otherwise known as “In Vivo” therapy. Through experiential learning, students with cognitive challenges are able to create understanding and competence in previous areas of struggle.

Typically, a student will earn the following credit hours

Language Arts 1/2 credit

PE 1/2 credit (can be doubled to 1 credit based on the length of stay)

Outdoor Living. 1/2 credit

Mental Health 1/4 credit (can be doubled to 1/2 credit based on the length of stay)

Geology 1/4 credit

Additional Classes

Additional classes may be provided or supported under special circumstances. Upon completion of requirements, an official transcript will be issued by AdvancED. AdvancED was created through a 2006 merger of the PreK-12 divisions of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)—and expanded through the addition of the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) in 2011. At a parent’s request, a complete learning evaluation and psychological assessment may be completed while the child is in the program for an additional fee. Please contact us for additional information and associated costs.