Food & Gear

Aspiro provides everything your child will need during their time with us.

Clothing Provided

Shirts, Pants, Thermal tops, Thermal bottoms, Fleece jacket, Rain pant, Rain jacket, Socks, Underwear, Bras, Hiking boots, Sun hat, Gloves, Beanie

Cooking Gear Provided

Pot and Cooking Utensils, Nalgene Bottles, Camping Stove, Propane, Spoon/Fork 

Other Items Provided

Sleeping bag (-20 degrees), Backpack, Rain fly, Cordage, Headlamp, Bladder, Tarp, Nalgene bottles, Journal, Pens, Notebooks, Clothes dry bag, Sleeping pad, Sleeping bag, Chapstick, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Hair ties, Bandana, Sunglasses, Comb/brush,  Mesh Laundry Bag, Food Dry Bag

All you need to send with your child is

  • Eyeglasses if your child requires corrective lenses. (If your child wears contact lenses, he or she must bring eyeglasses due to wind, sand, and risk of loss.)
  • At least an 8 day supply of prescription medications.
  • Retainer if applicable.
  • Orthotics if applicable.