Aspiro was a wonderful experience for our family. Our son began to make changes to become his true person and the person that he wants to be. There is nothing that I would change about Aspiro. Every encounter I had with every person was pleasant and easy. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. ‘Thank you’ does not express how grateful we are for Aspiro.
M. Coker Choplin
Aspiro Parent, South Carolina
We are thankful to our therapist, as well as the field guides, for their interactions with our family. Our therapist made each person in our family examine themselves, and that made a huge difference in our lives. Our son really identified with the field guides, and learned a lot of positive skills from them. Aspiro really helped us lay a foundation that we have continued to build on.
The Hoffman’s
Aspiro Parents, South Carolina
Aspiro gave our son a choice. He can now put thought into how he reacts or responds to situations. He can’t always control his mood, but he can face it more realistically.
Parent Seminar
Wonderful therapists! Great experience for my son.
C. Stanford
Aspiro Parent, Florida
The Aspiro Program was a great experience for both our child and us, his parents, because the family therapy component was extremely helpful. So was the parent seminar.
The Hummel & Kraus Family
Aspiro Parents, Maine
Thank you all for what you do. The Family Seminar was a very important part of the experience and it was very well done. I cannot say enough about the care our therapist and all of the staff showed to our family. I will gladly continue to be a reference for Aspiro.
H. Weber
Aspiro Parent, Illinois
When we sent our son to Aspiro, as parents we were terrified. What on earth had we done? Thankfully, we couldn’t have been happier with Aspiro. Every contact with anyone at Aspiro was excellent. The parent seminar was wonderful, well organized and thought out with exercises that we all did as a family. A lot of it was fun, and we could use and understand the principles that we had been reading about in the books that were recommended. The most important thing of all, however, was that our son came home from Aspiro about two months ago. He really wanted to come back home and we decided to give him that chance. As it turned out, after some initial anxieties about starting school, he was able to get back into the flow. He has been back at school now for about three months and is coping very well indeed. He is even doing AP history, which he really wanted to do but that we were particularly worried about in school. His grades are good, his friendships are still on track, and most of all, he has his sense of humor back. I would say that not only did we get our son back, we got back a son who is truly thriving. Since he got back from Aspiro, he has gone at least twice to a bouldering class close to where we live. Thank you, thank you, thank you Aspiro for everything you did to bring our son back to us.
C. Molenda
Aspiro Parent, Washington
It’s a fantastic programme in every sense and I’m not sure where things would be today had we not sent our daughter to Aspiro. It has been a life saver for our whole family and as parents their support has helped us to recalibrate how we do things.
B. Sibbald
Aspiro Parent, United Kingdom