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The highest standards lead to the happiest clients.

Here are a handful of testimonies we have received from our clients.
Caitlin Galt was a fabulous therapist. Aspiro was the BEST program our son has been in since we adopted him 13 years ago at age 6.5 years.
Amy S. -Vantage Point Parent
Can’t say enough about Caitlin Galt. She was a fabulous therapist for our son and for my husband and I, the best. Miss her being a part of the “team” now but she gave us all a solid foundation moving forward.
Beth M. -Vantage Point Parent
We obviously had no idea what to expect when our son went off to wilderness. I was so impressed by the dedication of everyone on the team, from his therapist (Jamie K), to the various dedicated field guides, to VaLee (who gave such importance to the correspondence to and from our son that I felt like she worked exclusively for us), and everyone else that he and we came in contact with along the way. Thank you for the tremendous work you do and the positive impact you have on
so many young people!
Mary D. -Vantage Point Parent
I’ve been taking Ben to therapists and doctors since he was a baby. Caitlin Galt understood Ben better than anyone else ever has. I am in awe. She and the wilderness therapy team have done an astounding job of getting Ben willing to view himself in a new light, to see himself as someone who can succeed, as someone who can make positive changes in his own life through his own work. He truly didn’t believe this was possible before his Aspiro experience. Now, for the first time, I think he has a shot at living a rich, independent life.
Amy A. -Vantage Point Parent
It was the best thing we could have done. Gillan is wonderful!
Elaine and Scott K. -Vantage Point Parents